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The Luzier Massage

The Luzier Massage in just 5 minutes

Photos denote ‘Starting Position’ for each movement


Movement 1: neck massage

Using right hand, form small circular motions from collarbone to nape on left side of neck. Repeat 12 times.

Using left hand, form small circular motions from collarbone to nape on right side of neck.  Repeat 12 times.


Movement 2: throat massage

Firmly lift backs of fingers out toward earlobes under chin. Repeat 12 times.


Movement 3: chin massage

With back of index finger under chin and back of middle finger on top of chin, sweep fingers out towards ears. Repeat 12 times.


Movement 4: lip massage

Starting at center of lower lip, trace opposite semi-circles with thumb and middle finger. Repeat 12 times.


Movement 5: cheek massage

From the cushions of cheeks, sweep pads of fingers firmly towards temples. Repeat 12 times.


Movement 6: nose and nostril massage

From the bridge, form small circular motions with thumb and index finger. Repeat 12 times.


Movement 7: eye area massage

From the inner corner of the eyes, lightly pass middle finger above and ring finger below, meeting at temple. Repeat 12 times.


Movement 8: forehead massage

Starting at the center of the forehead, sweep fingers out towards hairline. Repeat 12 times.


Massage Tips

  • Enjoy at least 1 Set for Cleansing Massage and 2 Sets for Conditioning Massage.
  • Use the pads of your fingers to apply firm but gentle pressure. Skin should feel warm as circulation increases.
  • All movements are directed upward and outward except Movement 6: Nose.
  • When making circular motions, decrease pressure on the downward stroke.
  • Your Cleansing Massage will take 2-3 minutes and your Conditioning Massage will take 4-5 minutes…Your beautiful skin will be worth those beneficial 6-8 minutes each night!