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The Luzier Difference

We’re Not Remarkable Because We’re Old…

We’re Old Because We’re Remarkable!


HOW you apply your skin care products is just as important as WHAT skin care products you apply in order to have beautiful, youthful-looking skin.”

Thomas L. Luzier, Founder


Passionate about the lifetime benefits to the skin derived from stimulating the circulation every day, at the turn of the century, Thomas Luzier developed ‘The Luzier Massage’; a daily, 5-minute, self facial massage utilizing the warmth and pressure of your own hands to stimulate the circulation.


The Luzier Massage

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By stimulating your circulation every day, blood flow is increased to the area being massaged. It is through the blood that skin receives oxygen, nutrients and antioxidants essential to a beautiful complexion.

Luzier Night Care consists of a 5-minute Cleansing and Conditioning Massage. All Luzier Nighttime Cleansers and Conditioners have been especially formulated for a firm, invigorating massage. These silky products allow your fingertips to glide over the skin without pulling or tugging on delicate skin tissue.


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For over 99 years Luzier customers have found that the Luzier Facial works! The many letters and phone calls from our customers tell a wonderful story…Luzier’s “Massage Centered Skin Care” promotes a lifetime of remarkable skin!

With Luzier…Beauty really is right at your fingertips!